Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Per Aspera ad Astra

Okay, this post is going to be a bit pic heavy; so, bear with me.

First off, I ran into rival#3 just outside the Gym.
He was a pushover.

I then cleared the Gym. Now, this is the weirdest Gym in Pokehistory.

Notice the ordinary exterior.

Upon entering, you will notice it's a museum...
With a skeleton of a Dragonite. Oooooo.

In the backroom is of course a Gym.
No, wait that's a library... I know it's around here somewhere...
Of course, under a bookshelf. (It's always under a bookshelf...)

After that insanity I have no idea what's next. Let's check Team ToEG.
Okay here we go.
What!!! The first responsible Pokepartent, and now the first black trainer! This is fantastic.

Lenora sent out Herdier. ToEG sent out Morrow!
One hit crit death... off of a freaking takedown...

All right, MUNKMUNK you're up. MUNKMUNK crit against the Herdier! We're gonna do it guys!
The. Herdier. Crit. Again. Nooooooooooooooo!

Booboofina got revenge, then she sent out the crazy evolved version of Tweak. And, I'd just like to say; I named tweak well. The evolved form looks even crazier. Booboofina mopped up.
Victory!!! But, at what cost...

I tried to run to the Pokemon Center. Maybe if I could get there fast enough they wouldn't have to die! Then these guys stole that stupid Dragonite's skull.
I watched them steal it. Holding my dieing Pokemon, weeping...

I finally arrived at the Poke Center.

They died... and the nurse didn't even care..

As I looked to Steven and Booboofina I realized. Team Plasma would pay for this!!!

That's it for this post. I'd just like to say I'm as surprised as you are... I'm not writing this story anymore... lol


  1. Pokemon die now!? Jesus! I didn't know that. :(

  2. God Dang it! You should catch more pokémon

  3. Fun fact: I had a dog that looked like morrow once. He was awesome and i loved him.

  4. The dog is Booboofina. Morrow was a pidgeon lol. And to Reilly, I can't catch more Pokemon until I get into new areas. I hope I can make it until then.

  5. At least they weren't powerful Pokemon >_>

  6. ToEG ^, setting it straight, dropping the wisdom!

  7. I have this game, still haven't bothered playing it yet though ... Should I?

  8. It always sorta creeps me out when they put something like a dead Pokemon into a game. The fossil Pokemon they always add in are fine, but when it's a modern-times Pokemon (for example, the tower in Lavendar Town) they refer to, it still kinda scares me. The Dragonite statue makes me go "Aww" on the inside.

  9. To Vin,
    I'm having a blast. My biggest praise is the fact that I haven't seen a single old generation Pokemon yet. This game actually feels like a new Pokemon. I wouldn't say that about any Pokemon game since gold and silver. Not the DS ones lol.

  10. New pokemon is the way to go, doubtlessly.

  11. While I will say many of the new Pokemon lack some of the charm of the first generation (at this point I think I'm a red/blue snob...), and many of the new Pokemon seem to be cookie cutter creations (ie. wubat = zubat, patrat = ratatat, etc etc) I was really pleased that they really do have a full new set (as you said, not seeing any old gens).

    The game still kind of feels like I'm playing the same game I've played several times before, but it at least feels like a bit more effort was thrown in this time.

    I think once I've cleared a few things off my plate I'm gonna try to play the way you've prescribed here. Perhaps this is the change I need to enjoy Pokemon again.