Saturday, August 13, 2011

Here We Go Folks

Okay here goes. Just in case you've never played Pokemon White, in this game you have two rivals for some reason. The girl seems a bit bubbly, and since she gets the Pokemon that's weaker than yours while picking after you: I'm just going to rename her Bubbles. The second guy is a bit tougher. He's a hardcore studyholic, and with the Pokemon that's strong against mine. I'm gonna rename him Creeper, and assume he's my actual rival. He's. A. Jerk. He almost killed me... One fight in and I almost died. I'm only an hour into this and it's already scaring me.
But Arbuckle and I persevered.

After the two "rivals" and I destroyed my room with our Pokemon fight, my completely irresponsible video game mom had some words of wisdom.

That's right... She could "hear their cries of pain," and she probably kept knitting or something...

And if that wasn't weird enough, I then walked in on a disagreement between Bubbles and her dad.

Afterwords due to my completionist issues I talked to her dad. Lo and behold I met the first responsible Pokeparent in my fifteen years of Pokemon.

I then crossed Route 1, caught my first Pokemon. It's something called a Lillipup. I'd call it this games Rattata, since it's a normal type in the first zone. But, during the catching tutorial the Prof. used a mouse to catch a rat...

I took a break upon reaching town safely. Someone mentioned a tour of town so I took a break there. With this much health.

That much health was actually cutting it a little close. I'm starting to doubt if I'll get past the first gym or two. Wish me luck, see you next time.


  1. Mad props to her dad...I'm surprised too, to see a responsible parent in all the long years of pokemon haha. Started with me and my brother with pokemon blue / red, then my little brother with his pokemon TCG (he won nationals three years in a row and went to internationals twice), and not even *our* parents ever had a sense of responsibility...which probably explains a lot...haha.

  2. To Airanel,

    Yeah, sometimes I wonder if Ash's absent dad being absent wasn't some sort of sick marketing ploy... Lol?

  3. Pokemon played out just after the great war. Most kids were orphans.

  4. Father of is probably Giovanni. He wants to steal his son's Pikachu so that Ash will go to his father. Ash....i am your father.

  5. To Michael Westside,
    I'd never heard that fan theory. If you haven't heard of the Pokemon Great War, Google that. You have to sift through a bunch of Pokemon roleplayers, but once you find it it's worth it.

  6. Well, dude, you're playing Godmode; what did you expect? ;P

  7. To my day in a sentence,
    Maybe a little less godly... but I think the insane difficulty is meant to make you roleplay the game a little more. When a 5% chance crit could kill your named starter it means a lot more.

  8. A responsible parent in the Pokemon world? Well I never!

  9. Good luck, i'll be following your progress :D!