Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pokemon White Anyone?

Although the goal of this blog is to try out hard-modes on new and classic video games, I think I'll kick off the blog with a Nuzlocke Challenge. Just in case anyone hasn't heard of the legendary Nuzlocke Challenge, here's the creator's website ( Be sure and visit his site. Since the Nuzlocke Challenge is the original hard-mode for an overly easy game, it seems a logical place to start out the blog. Hopefully through this play-through I'll gain an audience that will stick through the multiple failures of future trial hard-modes.

Here are the rules:
1. Nickname all Pokemon
2. Only catch the first Pokemon encountered in any area

These are the original rules used by Nuzlocke in a FireRed run. I tried this once about six months ago on Sapphire, and lost at the fifth gym. Needless to say, it's insanely difficult. I'll be starting this in the next day or so. Just for the record, I've never played Pokemon White before. Feel free to comment away.

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  1. Those rules would make the game sufficiently harder. I'd never beat the game if I had to delete pokemon when they fainted.

  2. in all honesty, this would be insaneley easy. Just have your trump pokemon. Teach one pokemon fly/dig, protect/evade, and toxic. that's it.
    Crobat would be PERFECT because the first thing in a cavern is probably gonna be a freaking zubat(like always) and he evolves with friendship (automatically, or, just give him all the carbos, irons, etc. you pick up that makes them like you more) and he's super freaking fast and has good attack damage for fly AND get's the same-type bonus for FLY AND he learns confuse ray (so that while you are wasting all these turns, they take poison damage, you heal, and they hurt themselves in confusion! plus, nobody is ammune to fly-type attacks! HUZZAH! this combo is almost as cheap as a breloom! but it's super cheap and easy and you find everything along your way! plus, the toxic orb thingy heals poison types! you don't even HAVE to use leftovers! such winrar...)
    a- toxic, leftover heals
    b- takes turn(hit), poison damage
    a- protect leftover heals
    b- takes turn(miss), poison damage
    a- fly leftover heals
    b- takes turn(miss), poison damage
    a- fly hits leftover heals
    (usually they die here, after you have healed with leftovers 4 times and only had a chance to be hit once, unless they use thunder while you are in the air, which is super ridiculous uncommon... plus, if they have thunder... you're probably fucked anyways)
    b- takes turn(hit), gets hurt by fly AND poison damage (second hit so total)
    a- protect leftover heals
    b- takes turn(miss), poison damage
    a- fly leftover heals
    b- takes turn(miss), poison damage
    a- fly hits leftover heales
    b- if he doesn't die from this fly... this is a hardcore mofo and he's only hit you 2 times and you have been heald from leftovers twice)

  3. You're also supposed to illustrate your adventure if I'm correct.

  4. To DWei,
    Yeah, you're supposed to make a log of your adventure. Most people do comics or blogs. Since I have zero artistic abilities, (unless you consider semi-correct grammar and punctuation an art) I chose the latter.

  5. Hardcore mode for pokemon.. I like it... Followed.

  6. The nickname all pokemon seems an odd sort of rule (though I do that all the time anyways), but I think this would be an interesting way to replay all the pokemon adventures now. Thanks for the link to the nuzlocke site