Monday, August 15, 2011

One Badge Down...

After being challenged to battle by a no-name first gym leader: I set out to train. I fought a few schoolchildren and then when I went to beat up the last kids Pokemon...
Since I had nothing to go by except a Pokemon name, and a vaguely monkey thumbnail I named him after every Mankey I ever had. In all caps.

Then since they wouldn't let me go anywhere else, I went to the gym.
I didn't lose anyone but I had two extremely close calls... in the same battle.

When I got to the gym leader, I learned that there were in fact three gym leaders. Of course you fought the one who is the type strong against your starter, but since they gave me MUNKMUNK...


It wasn't even too hard on my team. I'm not saying I'll never lose a Pokemon, but I WILL be the Champion.


  1. Well now that is the attitude! I will be a champion too!

  2. On your way to be the greatest pokemon master!

  3. Coming along nicely... what are you using to take screen shots?

  4. I want to be the very best, the best there ever was...

  5. To John,
    I think it's "I want to be the very best, like no one ever was." but message received lol.

    To Sub-Radar-Mike,
    I'm just screen capping. I'm playing it in Desmume so that I can take the screen caps. It only runs at around 70% so it'll take me 30% more time to complete than on my DS... but I think it's worth it for the pics.

  6. great attitude, no doubt you will be a master soon.