Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Pain and Progress

I have work at 8:00 a.m., so I'm going to go ahead and post tomorrows post now. This has been the most painful slog in Pokehell...Basically I'm grinding out a few levels in the most unforgiving place I've ever seen in a Pokemon game. It started with one of those crappy Crit kills I was so afraid of when I started.
Sorry the pic doesn't show the crit... I might have been screaming when it happened.

If that's not enough the whole place is full of Fighting types with the move Bide. If you aren't familiar with that move, it takes hits for two turns then unleashes double the damage received.I don't have a picture of Tweak dieing, but I know for a fact I was screaming when he died. I was using my Flying type Morrow to wipe out the fighting types. Somehow a particularly high defense Fighting type of five levels lower than Morrow went first. He used Bide, then immediately  took a hit of about 45% health. Since I couldn't take back that hit, and another equal hit wouldn't kill him before he unleashed it... I had to chose who would die...

But, I've saved the good news for last. Booboofina evolved!

After my leveling it looks like this.

I think I'm ready to at least scout out the gym... (I don't want to look up anything for this game, since I know none of the Pokemon nor the Gyms it's more exciting.)


  1. Some of these new generation pokemon look pretty cool to someone who grew up on the original 150 haha.

  2. Rest in peace guys, you did well. :(

  3. NOOOOOO TWEAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. You better keep Booboofina alive!