Sunday, August 14, 2011

Route 2 to Striaton City

Upon arriving in no-gym town number two, I was treated to a boring tour of the Pokemon Center. To my surprise the Pokemart is now in the Center; good work Nintendo. Anywho, after that I walked outside to this.

For once the "bad guys"  aren't after money, world domination, filling the world with water, or any combination of the three. They just want Pokemon to be free. But before I could sign the roster...
Now I don't know who or what this guy is, my vote is for Rival #3, but he wouldn't shut up about my Pokemon being unhappy about being in Pokeballs. I thought the cockfighting was the crime, but evidently this weirdy thought it was the Pokebals... He then released his Pokemon from a Pokeball...

That was when I knew I hated this guy. His only Pokemon was a freaking cat; not just any cat, but one that was one level higher than my strongest. Since Arbuckle is a certified champ, we won anyway.

I then walked to Route 2, in order to meet my next teammate.

I caught her, and based on the red eyes and this Pokedex entry.
I named her Tweak.

After grinding out a few levels on my three partners, we continued down Route 2, and into Striaton City. Fighting Bubbles as we entered, and Creeper in the Trainer's School. I was right about them. Bubbles was barely worth mentioning, and Creeper threw me for a loop by leading off with his starting Pokemon. Since ToEG v. Creeper was a 3:2, it wasn't too difficult.

I then found my way to the Gym. Where I met the worst NPC of all time

  That's right. He asked me what I had then planned appropriately. Challenge freaking accepted you cheater.


  1. Wow pokemon has changed considerably since Red


  2. Team Plasma, nice name there Nintendo.

  3. haha :D love this. And you caught a mad squirrel

  4. Well they do need to cater for the kids and the noobs you know :D

  5. Well, you're doing good so far. I think the main problem you're gonna have is nicknaming every pokemon you catch. ;D