Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Short Apology To My Loyal Followers

Hey everyone. I'd just like to start out with a quick apology for the past couple weeks of inactivity, but I'm sure it's happened to everyone at least once in their blogging career. This is my third week at my new job, so things are finally slowing down a bit. It's also the last week of my semester (I go all year round for a Medical Lab Technician associates degree). So please check back daily, and expect new content. The next few play sessions are probably going to be quite uneventful since I'm down to two Pokemon... I'll likely grind out several levels before continuing. But, I will be going back to daily updates regardless. I will also get back in the habit of checking in on my followers daily.


  1. Hey man, I have an article you may wanna read. It's about the top 10 self-imposed challenges in video gaming; the Nuzlocke Challenge made the list.

  2. happens to me all too often man, get back into it!

  3. yeah man I'm doing college and freelance, my programming and gaming blogs have slowed for a while, recently updated ;)