Monday, August 15, 2011

A Title Would Give to Much Away...

Since I've blogged last a few things have happened. First I fought those Team Plasma guys a couple more times.
I'm not quite sure what they were doing here... They were attempting to acquire something called "Dream Mist" from some little balloon Pokemon. It is my stance not to judge so...

I also fought Creeper again. He said something that moves him back to the front of the line of rivals.

I also met a few new bros. One is a freaking lightening unicorn zebra! His name is Steven.
Yeah he's my new favorite of this Generation.

In a nearby cave I found Zubat's replacement (about freaking time they replaced Zubat...)
I know... Woobat, real freaking different from Zubat. I give Nintendo an A for effort.

I even met this Gens Pidgey. The next gym is a normal gym, and of course I got this instead of the any of the three or so fighting types I've seen in this field. O well beggars can't be choosers.
I named her Morrow after (don't make fun of me) Princess Bubblegum's bird. If you haven't seen Adventure Time then open a new tab and go to youtube and check it out now.

High off of my three Pokemon catching streak, I ran headfirst into disaster. I had seven Pokemon for all of ten minutes...  Since I don't have a Pokemon that's strong against Normal, I figured if would take a while to grind out all six Pokemon. Of course, I wanted to beat all the trainers first... Then this happened.


To make matters worse, that ugly Pokemon CRIT killed him...

And, that Pokemon is the Fighting type the game designers planned on me beating this gym leader with... I'm not sure what that says for my quest.

Nevertheless, We have resolved ourselves to continue this through till the bitter end. Steve picked up Arbuckle's Miracle Seed, and hasn't put it down since we buried him...

Yeah this crazy thing makes you roleplay pretty hard. It's kinda sad but I actually care that a digital lizard died... If you think I have issues check out the original at lol. He gets waaaaaay more into it than I have.


  1. That's so sad. :( Rest in peace.

  2. Lol at woobat. Interesting blog man, will always have a soft spot for the pokemon games.

  3. Now i seriosuly want to play pokemon white

  4. Haha, this voyage you're undertaking has been having me on the edge of my seat each post!

    Keep it up, deserves more readers!

  5. It is totally safe to say that I am tired of easy games. Hard games too. How about a little just right games?

  6. Dude, don't be like that, Zubat was cool.

  7. interesting your blog btw...following!

  8. I forgot to mention I named the Woobat Pat, since It's a pig bat.

    To nowaysj,
    To me hard games are just right. Notice I said hard not impossible. Several impossible games spring to mind. If you think what I'm doing is hard try the original Megaman lol. Cutsman is the freaking devil...I'm thinking about doing a weekly segment on games that don't need hardmodes.

  9. This looks awesome! I'm choked I just gave my DS to my brother...I kinda want to play Pokemon White now. Pearl was cool!


  10. I have to say, I don't know if I'd have the self-discipline to kick my starter. Would be hard not to call for a do-over. Way to stick to your guns.

  11. To Rude,
    Yeah it was actually pretty hard to release my starter... but, if I hadn't then it's not a proper playthrough. And since the goal of my blog is really to discover and rate other hardmodes, I kind of had to lol.

  12. So many new Pokemon. I think the ones past number 151 shouldn't count.

  13. is a entertaining game, but to play a while, no all time
    equal good post